New York State Court of Claims

New York State Court of Claims

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The MacLaw database contains the decisions of the New York State Court of Claims from March 2000 to the present. It is updated approximately weekly. See below for detailed instructions on how to use the database. You may also see a list of the 50 most recent cases decided by the court.

(None of these decisions are available for publication in any official or unofficial reports, except the New York Law Journal, without the approval of the State Reporter or the Committee on Opinions (22 NYCRR 7300.1). The decisions on the database have not been edited by the State Reporter and are subject to revision should they appear in the Official Reports.)

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Searching instructions


You may use any number of keywords along with the boolean operators "and" and "or". For multiple keywords, "or" is the default -- if you don't specify, you'll get documents containing any of the terms you enter. To search for an exact phrase, enter it in "double quotes".

Searching by judge or claimant

You can search for a particular judge or claimant by entering their last name in the appropriate field.

Searching by date

Any reasonable date format will work -- "1/1/04", "2004-01-01", and "January 1, 2004" will all be equivalent. Some fancier phrases -- such as "today", "last Thursday", or "1 month ago" -- will work, but you need to be careful and do a little experimenting. For instance, "1 month ago" works, but "one month ago" does not, so try a search whose results you can predict to test such things before relying on them.

What if I fill in more than one item?

Filling in more than one field has the effect of restricting the search -- the search engine simply combines everything you've entered. Thus filling in "snowplow" in the keyword field and "Smith" in the judge field will get you Judge Smith's decisions mentioning snowplows. If you wanted to restrict the search to snowplow decisions after a particular date, you might fill in the "date after" field as well.